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We are specializing in developing and manufacturing for world wide market:

1) Dietary supplements, herbal medicines, functional foods / health foods
2) Functional cosmetics (such as breast enlargement cream, hair growth solution)

We supply with:

1) Formulated (mixed) powder
2) Granulated powder (esp. powder ready for encapsulation, granulated powder ready for packing into sachets/jars)
3) Semi-finished product (e.g. bulk packing of capsules, tablets, softgels)
4) Finished product (product in retail packages, such as in bottles, jars, blister cards/boxes,
sachets/boxes, with complete lables)

We offer:

1) Contract manufacture / OEM (manufacturing according to buyer's requirements / formulation
2) Purelyoung's own advanced formulas
3) Purelyoung's brand + specified products
4) Target development / ODM (researching and developing according to buyer's target under agreement)

We have:

1) Powerful and experienced production and quality control team
2) Proficient and fruitful research and development team

We are praised with "professional, reliable".

Through cooperation with us, our partners are benefited at:

1) Save more (production cost, R&D expenses, labour cost)
2) Earn more (profit / reputation - higher profit rate and larger profit amount for long term, with good and reliable product)
3) Great business improvement & progress (with backing of profit, good product and good reputation, making long term business improvement and progress)

We are raising our partners' business value.

We are rasing our consumers' life value.

Our mission: basing on scientific theories and methods, building a customer-satisfied working system, devoting ourselves to the health and longevity of humankind, taking really good products and service to the world.

Purelyoung® -- our trade mark registered in most countries of the world, such as Europe, China, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, some African countries, etc.

Purelyoung -- growing to be a global brand, an attractive, value enriched and profitable brand. Join in the cooperative system to work with the new opportunities!

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We are working with advanced formulas.