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PURELYOUNG's own advanced formulas
Digestion Support, Stomach & Intestine Health


Pure herbal formula. Safe and suitable for long term use.

Promotes general digestion, both gastric and enteric.
Promotes metabolism.
Increases appetite, better absorption.

Also beneficial to: alleviates kinds of gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers; regulates gastric acid; reduces stomach pain, ectasia and other complaints.

As well as multiple health benefits to immunity, energy, cardiovascular, blood sugar, sleep, urination, etc.




Pure herbal complex.

A specialty for digestive ulcer and kinds of gastritis.

Improves resistance to Helicobacter pylori so that reduces gastric / duodenal ulcer and inflammation.

Stomach protection, reduces damage of gastric mucosa, reduces gastric acid.

Reduces stomach pain, ectasia and other complaints.

Promotes general digestion and metabolism.

Immune enhancement.

Cardiovascular protection.

Defecation Smoother



Pure herbal complex.

Specially good for habitual constipation, senile constipation.

Promotes smoother defecation, reduces constipation.

Also good for cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, immunity.

Also beneficial
to people with hemorrhoids.

Prebiotic Fiber
Prebioitics & Dietary Fibers



Helps regulate intestine moisture balance.
Smoother defecation. Reduces constipation.
Promotes probiotics (good bacterium) in intestine, improves resistance to bad bacterium.
Reduces enteritis.

We are working with advanced formulas.