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• Product range:
1) Dietary supplements, herbal medicines, functional foods (in some countries called health foods)

2) Functional cosmetics
e.g. breast enlargement cream, hair growth solution, acne solution, they are always used in combination with oral products.

• Product form:

1) Formulated (mixed) powder
All the ingredients in one powder, partners do not need to buy lots of ingredients separately, easy to make finished products.


2) Granulated powder
e.g. granulated powder ready for encapsulation; granulated powder in bulk, mostly water soluble and drinkable, ready for packing into sachets/jars.


3) Semi-finished product
e.g. bulk packing of capsules, tablets, softgels; bottled products without labels.


4) Finished product
Product in retail packages, such as in bottles, jars, blister cards/boxes, sachets/boxes, with lables.

• We offer:

1) Contract manufacture / OEM
We manufacture according to buyer's requirements incl. formulation. Product is marketed under partner's brand, not ours.)


2) Purelyoung's own advanced formulas
We have lots of advanced and professional formulas, our partners can work with our ready-to-use formulas, either in our brand or other brand(s).


3) Purelyoung's brand + specified products
Since our brand Purelyoung is registered in many countries, our partners can take product(s) and use this brand and start business quickly.


4) Target development / ODM
We can research and develop new product with target for our partners under agreement.

 Purelyoung's Typical Formulas (List by Health Concerns):

Antioxidant, Anti-aging, Cardiovascular Health, Heart Health (antioxidant complex, Resveartrol / Coenzyme Q10 related products, super anti-aging products, special formulas for cardiovascular health, heart health)

Diabetic Health (healthy pancreas / blood sugar level, diabetes syndrome)

Immune Enhancement, Tonic

Weight Loss & Slimming

Women's Health (general health, menstrual health, menopausal syndrome, sex enhancement, breast enlargement, mammary health)

Men's Health (prostate health, sex enhancement, herbal remedy for rapid-ejaculation)

Better Sleep, Better Mood

Skin Care (oral skin-protection, oral skin-nutrition, herbal remedy for acne)

Arthral (Joint) Health (Synovial / cartilage quality, arthritis, hyperosteogeny)

Bone Density

Hair Growth

Energy Improvement, Anti-fatigue, Anti-Stress

Digestion Support, Stomach & Intestine Health

Sight (Vision) Health

Brain & Memory Health, Anti-Dementia

Gouty Health

Liver, Kidney, and Urinary Health

Vitamins & Minerals

Sports Nutrition, Muscle Growth / Building

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We are working with advanced formulas.