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PURELYOUNG's own advanced formulas
Liver, Kidney, Urinary Health


Herbal complex.

Promotes liver and kidney health.
Strengthens the liver function. Protection from injury or damage by hepatitis or toxic chemicals. Anti-inflammation (hepatitis, anti-cirrhosis).
Reduces fat liver.
Immune enhancement.

Good for patients with hepatitis.

Milk Thistle (Silymarin)


Protects liver tissue. Aids in the regeneration of damaged liver tissue. Decreases liver and bile cholesterol. Alleviates inflammation. Limits liver damage resulting from a disrupted oxygen supply.

Schisandra (Schizandra)

(capsules / tablets)

Promotes liver and kidney health. Prevents adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Anti-hepatitis (B, C). Enhances aerobic capacity and energy levels. Aids with vision difficulties. Improves mental function. Anti-stress. May have anti-HIV activities.

We are working with advanced formulas.