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PURELYOUNG's own advanced formulas
Men's Health
Men's prostate health, sex enhancement, herbal remedy for rapid-ejaculation
Pure herbal formula.

No synthetic chemicals added. Safe and suitable for long term use.

Enhances and recoveries the body’s natural sex function, better sex performance.

Better libido and erectile function, better sex endurance.

As well as multiple health benefits to heart, liver, kidney, energy, memory, immunity, incretion, blood sugar, cardiovascular system (inculding blood pressure, blood lipids), anti-aging, anti-cancer, etc.
Pure herbal formula, remedy for men's rapid ejaculation.

Enhances and recoveries the body's natural sex function itself.

Enjoy happy and longer sex duration, together with better libido, better erectile function.

As well as multiple health benefits to cardiovascular system, immunity, heart, liver, kidney, blood sugar, energy, memory, etc.
Herbal remedy for men's chronic prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia / hypertrophy.

As well as multiple health benefits to cardiovascular system, eye, bone density, immunity, sex performance, arthritis, gout.

Reduces risks of prostate cancer.
Prostate Tonic
Saw Palmetto Oil, Pumkin Oil, Lycopene, Phytosterols


Tonic for prostate.

Remedy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).
Antioxidant. Anti-inflammation. Cardiovascular health. Immune enhancement. Sex enhancement. Reduces hair loss.

We are working with advanced formulas.